From Sonia and Andrew Reynolds, Rainbowbridge, 1 Somerfield Drive, North Somercotes, Louth, Lincs, LN11 7GA All lists except 1. and 5. and 8. periodically updated as new information received. Judges Postcards Study Group Members lists sent postage free.

1. Judges A Compilation Of Early Postcards (pre main series, non-standard cards, special local events etc. Full process details included). 21 pages plus cover £2.60 plus £1.50 postage & packing. (2004 extended edition)

2. Judges Main series 50-1000 18 Pages double sided. Each card fully coded re printing details etc £2.20 plus £1.50 p&p or 32 single sides £2.70 plus £1.50 p&p.

3. Judges Main series 1000-1999, 2000-2999, etc to 31000-31784, each 10/11 pages double sided (except 31000) £1.50 plus £1.09 p&p or 19/20 single sides £1.80 plus £1.50 p&p per list of 1000. HTML files on CD version £32 on request.

4. Judges London Series L1-L800+ Includes “L” cards of Harrow, Epping etc. (back and front variations coded) 9 pages double sided £1.40 plus £1.09 p&p or 17 single sides £1.80 plus £1.50 p&p Also a further 160+ entries of London cards from the main series can be added for 90p. Cards of Middlesex, Hertfordshire are included in the county lists below.

5. Judges back types. A coded and illustrated 11 page guide to dating Judges cards by the many different back types. Third edition May 1992 £2.95 plus £1.09 p&p.

6. Judges Modern Colour Series. C1-C9000, 25 sides, thematic cards in series listed by collector theme eg. animals, railways, street scenes, post offices etc £2.10 plus £1.09 p&p

7. Judges Modern Colour Series. Batch listing from C1-C5000 £1.70 plus £1.09p p&p. Full individual listing in preparation - list of 5000 so far listed £4.50 plus £1.50 p&p.

8. Location of Judges Postcards new 5th Edition, 2012. Batch listing of cards from 50-31783. First 16,000 by actual location based on Judges own List of Places and Studies published in 1926 & 1934 25 pages £3.60 plus £1.50 p&p.

9. General Interest-General Sepia (flowers, rural dogs etc) £1.60 plus £1.09 p&p, Railway cards older and mostly modern cards 18 pages £2.20 plus £1.50 p&p. Old plus thematic extracts-Canals 7 pages £1.10 plus £1.09 p&p & Lifeboats 90p plus £1.09 p&p. Other subjects on request eg cars, piers, street scenes trams, etc. Can search for particular key words/negative descriptions.

10. Sketch and colour cards 18 pages £1.60p plus £1.50 p&p.

11. County lists extracted from cards currently listed in 1-32000 34,000 card database. Sussex £7.90(now 72 pages), £5.90 Sussex above 500 only (now 53 pages), Devon, North Wales, Scotland, £5.20 each, Yorkshire £4.50, Cornwall £4.20, Kent and South Wales £3.30 each, Dorset, Hampshire, Ireland (all)/Isle of Man (all), and Somerset  £2.40 each, Channel Islands, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, I.O.W., Lancashire, Norfolk Shropshire, Suffolk and Surrey £1.70 each, other counties £1.10p each. Add £1.90 p&p for lists above £5.00, £1.50 p&p for lists above £2.10 or £1.09 p&p for other lists.

12. “4-“ Series, Multiview Sepia and Black and white cards from 4-1 to 4-815. 10 two column  pages £1.10 double sided or £1.30 single sided plus £1.09 p&p.

13. Card Publication dates of 50-31783 series based on postmark and card identification information. £1.10 plus £1.09 p&p.

14. Total number of cards printed for each county. £1.10 plus £1.09 p&p

Lists are sent by post, please add extra if it needs sending abroad send payment payable to Sonia and Andrew Reynolds to Rainbowbridge, 1 Somerfield Drive, North Somercotes, Louth, Lincs, LN11 7GA. Paypal account available.


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